Lisa L. Spangenberg

I’ve been working in software development since 1989, principally on the Mac, and multimedia. I have a Ph.D. in English from UCLA, but because expertise in medieval English and Celtic languages and literatures is less than lucrative, I write for money. I’ve tech edited books on iLife, MS Works, and AppleScript, and contributed to books on iLife and blogging. I hand-coded my first Website in 1997. I am the Admin and Webmaster for the largest writing community on the Internet. My most recent books is Meet iPhoto for iOS.

I know a lot more about my co-authors than they’re willing to admit. For instance, Dennis R. Cohen makes a fabulous Prime Rib; he does this thing where he roasts the prime rib over the potatoes. OMG, it’s good. He has written code in FORTRAN. For JPL. He’s also Michael’s older brother, but really can’t be held responsible for that.

Michael E. Cohen has a degree in film from UCLA, but in grad school he realized he could fill up units with a class on programming in COBOL for literary analysis. From that experience, he wrote a word processor that did text analysis. Unlike some people, he had the wisdom to ditch grad school, and go to work for JPL writing telemetry processing test code and persuasive memos. That led to a career in humanistic computing and multimedia, including producing ebooks and the best CD-ROM ever. He also makes a killer chili, and I know where you can find the recipe.

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